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Raising Creative Thinkers

Modern schooling in a post-modernistic world

August 26, 2017


Michelle Korenfled

Our children live in a world of overwhelming diversity. They are surrounded by messages. When we were kids, there were still basic truths we grew on.

On the one hand, this pluralism nurtures today’s children to draw on creative ideas. On the other hand, it could lead to feelings of dread. In both cases, it is vital to converse with the students about what’s on their minds.

Our challenge is to find time for those conversations. To do that we must infer that being an educator that is humane, rather than just a tool for passing on knowledge, is of priority.

I know everyone is sure he/she found the remedy for education. Conversation is probably not the only cure. But if you try it with your students you’ll see their thirst.

There’s so much going they need someone with whom to talk about. Make it all reasonable. Find a sense of meaningful existence within the overflow that is like a vacuum. We can’t overlook the need for a directing adult, and just teach.

Please also remember, conversation is not only talking with the students about things you see as important. You won’t know what they need your guidance about until you’ve listened.

Kids today are full of creative ideas, nurtured by the diversity. I am afraid of what will happen if those ideas are never voiced.

I think we’d better embrace change. It’s for the better.


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Creatively yours,

Michelle Korenfeld

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