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Books to curl up with this President’s Day weekend
Kids love history when it’s told as a compelling story. These grade-appropriate books about important figures and suspenseful times will bring the past to life for your child.
Choose your child’s grade
Should you come clean?
When your child asks if you’ve ever tried drugs or alcohol, what should you tell them? A conflicted parent finds out. Read more.
When Mom says yes and Dad says no
America’s Supernanny shares her simple fix for this common problem. Watch now.
Readers respond
“We have a child stuck in this trap right now in 3rd grade and it’s so frustrating because we’ve hit walls everywhere. School administration, counselors, and teachers have been entirely resistant and refuse to allow access to any type of services to help him until he actually fails a class or a state test. Thanks for this article, it helps to know ours isn’t the only one.”

Comment from Ashlee Sweeney on Falling short of failing

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