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DIFFERENT BRAINS         The nonprofit dedicated to ALL neurodiversity!     IN THIS ISSUE: We debut our new series Neurodiversity and the Coronavirus Louis Shapiro, CEO of HSS – the Hospital for Special Surgery – discusses patient care during the pandemic Solvegi Shmulsky, M.Ed. explains how Landmark College is helping neurodiverse students HAAPE’s Larry Rothman Ph.D. discusses advancing the cause of autism employment Advocare’s Jill Poser – Kammet, CGCM looks at caregiving and mental capacity Autism self-advocate Tim Goldstein offers a new perspective on neurodiversity Self-advocate Melony Hill shares her journey with Dissaocative Identity Disorder Much more!     A NOTE FROM OUR FOUNDER, HACKIE REITMAN, M.D.:     I want to offer a word of congratulations to our wonderful trainee Julia Futo (pictured below). Julia is a talented journalist-in-the-making and self-advocate for neurodiversity. After months of hard work, she has debuted a special article series on DifferentBrains.org: Neurodiversity and the Coronavirus!   This special edition blog series collects the unique perspectives of the neurodiverse team behind Different Brains — from trainees to volunteers to board members. Julia personally interviewed them, and every article looks at both the challenges of our shared new normal, while offering tools for making it through and thriving in the face of adversity! So check out this new series — the first two installments are already live on our website! 
Wishing you and yours continued health and safety!

Hackie Reitman, M.D.
President and Founder, Different Brains Inc.
    Above: screenshot of a recent Different Brains mentorship zoom call     As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, Different Brains Inc and DifferentBrains.org are only able to function with donations from people like you. Thank you for being a part of the Different Brains community, and for your ongoing support! Please share our site and newsletters with anyone that you feel could benefit from what we are doing. If you have a story you would like us to tell or an organization you want us to highlight, be sure to contact us. And, we are always looking for volunteers and interns over the age of 18! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If someone forwarded this email to you and you want to sign up, click here! Remember- society needs to understand and embrace neurodiversity for the benefit of ALL of us!     RECENT VIDEOS FROM DIFFERENT BRAINS     HAAPE:
Helping Adults with Autism Perform & Excel
with Larry Rothman, Ph.D.
  Click the above image for a 51 second preview.
For the full 30 minute interview, click here.       Patient Care During COVID-19
with HSS CEO Louis A. Shapiro
  Click the above image for a 72 second preview.
For the full 32 minute interview, click here.       Landmark College:
Maximizing Neurodiverse Potential
with Solvegi Shmulsky, M.Ed.
  Click the above image for a 33 second preview.
For the full 29 minute interview, click here.   FINDING THE SUPER POWERS WITHIN!     with Dissociative Identity Disorder Melony Hill   Click the above image for a 59 second preview.
For the full 15minute episode, click here.   RECENT ARTICLES FROM DIFFERENT BRAINS     Is Your Client’s Mental Capacity
Affecting Their Decision-Making Abilities?
  By Jill Poser – Kammet, CGCM       Neuro Cloud & Neurodistinct: Neurodiversity Refined   By Tim Goldstein       A Self-Advocate’s Perspective on Autistic Pride   By Jennifer Huggins       Zack’s Journey With Autism & Epilepsy         Ali’s Journey With ADHD & OCD     RECENT PODCAST FROM DIFFERENT BRAINS     (AUDIO – 23 minutes) In this episode, hosts Haley Moss and Dr. Lori Butts discuss tools for self care, including the H.A.L.T. tool.  
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  RECENT NEWS FROM DIFFERENT BRAINS     Man With Cerebral Palsy Test Drives New Inclusive Swing
(VIDEO – 1 minute) We cover a story out of North Carolina, about a man with cerebral palsy who was able to test drive a new inclusive park swing.  
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    Different Brains® is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and acceptance of the basic variations in the human brain known as neurodiversity; ending the stigma attached to the related diagnoses and treatment; uniting silos of resources and research whose goals could be better achieved through collaboration; offering support to families and caregivers; and improving the lives and maximizing the potential of those whose brains may be different.

The contents of this newsletter, the ability to mentor our neurodiverse interns, and everything on our website is made possible through the generous, tax deductible donations of people like you. If you enjoyed this newsletter please consider contributing to our cause. Neurodiversity awareness and acceptance starts with you!       Different Brains Inc.
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