I am implementing the curriculum designed by my school. As we have already learnt the designed curriculum cannot be implemented rigidly without some kind of flexibility taken in account the specific needs of some learners. The Curriculum is addressing the overview policy of teaching and assessment but It cannot address specific learners with specific needs. The hidden curriculum, as we studied in the previous semester, is based actually on the differentiated instructions, due to the specific needs of pupils. Needs can be varied from linguistic, to reading, to behavior and learning deficit in general.
Because of the different cultures in my classroom. The differentiate instruction is not an option, but a must and It should be well implemented as a part of the hidden curriculum
* I base my teaching on students’ specific needs, as well as the curriculum requirement. I was involved in too many educational programs to promote solutions to the learning deficit .
* I readjust my teaching according to the learner’s needs. So, the learner can process the information better and quickly.
* I advocate the critical thinking by allowing pupils to question the information, to suggest ideas and to be creative in approaching the topic in question..
* I, so closely, study some specific informational resources. So, I can apply them in my teaching strategy towards students.
* I design small groups because I believe in ability grouping for a speed learning.
* Because of the learning deficit, I can readjust my teaching pace accordingly. That would support the needed one to stimulate better the information.
* Occasionally, I provided students opportunities to explore their knowledge and activities to challenge their understandings.
* My instructional strategies would vary from time to time. So, the students would not be bored and would feel motivated. Their interest in the topic would empower their motivation.
* On a regular basis, I use ongoing assessment to point out their progress on the work in question and whether they would continue performing the same work or move forward to the next task.
* I need to enrich myself further with creative idea and thoughts and perspectives. So, I have to improve my knowledge and database information to succeed in my differentiated instruction.
* Obviously, I readjust my teaching on a regular basis, in order to improve my instructional methods. So, I can be more effective and focused. Such readjustment is very useful, because It would promote in myself the sense of knowing what I am lacking and what is required to cure my teaching deficit. The readjustment Is a self-conscious process how much I know our students and whether I am succeeding in implementing the differentiated instruction in my classroom.
* I would be working much harder in reinforcing my thinking tools and my level of understanding by reading more on the subject and exploring others’ experiences ( attending workshops, collaboration with other teachers and exchanging ideas).
* The pre-assessment is one of my instructional policy I used it regularly to implement my differentiation and ongoing assessment is a regular procedure to check out progress and how far the information was stimulated.
* I regularly allow students to provide their own ways in resolving for example mathematic topics. That would empower their own thinking and confidence on their abilities
The differentiated instruction can be described in one expression: One Size Doesn’t Fit All. And I am on a permanent awareness how to readjust my policy of differentiation to suit efficiently the need of the most needed..