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October 14, 2020 See stories recommended for you. Select your interests How to Design a Culturally Responsive Bitmoji Classroom  Your virtual classroom can foster a sense of community by including items that represent both your and your students’ backgrounds. Effective Instructional Models for a Hybrid Schedule  It can be a challenge to engage students when they’re at school only a few days a week—station rotations and flipping the classroom can help. 7 High-Impact, Evidence-Based Tips for Online Teaching  What do highly effective teachers do in online classrooms? We combed through dozens of studies to find the best research-backed ideas. Isolated Students May Struggle to Stay Mentally Healthy  Teachers can build strong relationships with and between students to help them get through this very challenging time. New Research Ignites Debate on the ‘30 Million Word Gap’  For decades, the findings of the ’30 Million Word Gap’ have had a seismic impact on society. But recent research may call those findings into question. Using Themes to Give Young Students a Sense of Purpose  Weekly themes like Chef Week make school fun while giving students a way to connect all the things they’re learning. Adapting Reading Comprehension Instruction to Virtual Learning  In distance learning, teachers can adapt many of the strategies they would use in the classroom to promote reading skills. Using Human-Centered Strategies to Adapt Science Lessons for Remote Learning  By coordinating with families and keeping things simple, K–8 teachers can guide students to engage in meaningful science lessons at home. Promoting SEL in Preschools This Year  Whether preschool teachers are working with kids in person, remotely, or in a hybrid model, they can continue to focus on social and emotional learning. [ Follow Us on Instagram ] Follow Us Edutopia.org | Unsubscribe George Lucas Educational Foundation
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