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Neuroscience and Education

,Neuroscience and Education.  Two words that are appearing together more often these days.  Is it hype or is it hope?

Here’s what I am convinced the practical application of neuroscience can do for students and educators:

1.  It can improve students’ capacity to learn.  By strengthening the cognitive skills (like attention and memory) that students bring to our classrooms, we can better prepare them for the learning experiences they will encounter there.

2.  It can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning.  When teachers understand more about how the brain learns, they bring more productive strategies to the classroom.

3.  It can enable teachers to personalize learning in a way that is both meaningful and feasible.  Teachers don’t have to write a separate lesson plan for every student to make each student’s learning experience an individual one based on their unique learning profile.

Too often the discussion around neuroscience is more hype than hope.  What educators need is practical ways to apply the research every day.

If you would like to explore what neuroscience can contribute to the teaching and learning process in very practical ways, I would be most sincerely interested in sharing ideas with you and listening to your challenges and oppportunities.

Please email me a couple of option dates/times that you are available for a brief discussion and I will select one.

If you do not have an interest in the application of neuroscience in education, please let me know so that we can remove your name and email from our list.


Roger Stark

CEO, BrainWare Learning Company



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